Saturday, September 24, 2011

Home Show

Curating a show is tough enough, but trying to do it in your home, even more of a doozy. You have to undecorate to a more sterile pallette.

Where will I put all the furniture, bric-a-brac, wall hangings, that burgundy glass bowl with beaded fruit, the white procelain monkeys with the black fingernails, and of course my signed autograph photo from the cast of Dallas.

I need to donate that baby grand I inherited from my parents. Give everyone a bit more space to move around and the Opera Thrift Shop seemed so pleased to have another one in their store. So I know it will go to a good home. I'll probably rarely play it again.

Do I have enough wall space? I guess we can extend the show into my kitchen and maybe the bathroom; hallways will also be of use -- as will pretty much any nook and cranny available.

Eight artists so far including myself have said they would like to show some work: Natalie Wood, John Mejias, Andres Ortega, Kerry Maloney, Jonathan Villoch, Aracelis Diamanits, and Daniel Galas. Now I just need to get all their work together -- yikes!

Iv'e been bouncing around titles. Should it be a theme? I think not. I want it to be more about the artists -- how they create work and how they tick.

Stay tuned for more updates to come.